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Anne Sorensen Marketing Is Us and Marketing Is Us Tool Kit

Anne Sorensen - Founder, Marketing Is Us

Marketing is key to the success of every business.

Yet many businesses waste precious time and money on marketing not done right.

Knowing the processes. Asking the right questions. Applying the answers.

Each step contributes to effective marketing and positive results.

The Marketing Is Us Tool Kit provides a sound, systematic marketing approach which guides you through the key processes and provides the tools to do your marketing right.

No more frustration. No more wasted time and money. Empowered marketing.

The Marketing Is Us Tool Kit contains:

  • 26 easy to use templates in six individual kits to suit your business needs (can be purchased separately)
  • All in one place (no more searching for a template)
  • Instructions provided
  • Holistic and integrated approach

Mentoring support and advice available.

The Marketing Is Us Tool Kit has been developed from my own marketing experience of more than two decades and reflects the approach which has been successful in my own career.   I continue to use these tools in my business today.

Good luck and best wishes for your business success.

Anne Sorensen

Director – Marketing Is Us

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